If you prefer a more in-person interaction, this is a great option for you! In one-on-one coaching, we'll schedule two separate sessions to "meet" via skype for 1 hour. (Or if you happen to live in the Chicago area, we'll find a place to meet in-person!) 

How it works:

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome e-mail from me asking some basic questions about what it is you want to discuss, your goals and any issues/roadblocks you are having. In the welcome e-mail, I will ask you to include a couple of times that would work well for you for our initial meeting. 
When I receive this information back from you, I'll confirm our meeting time (and place if you are in Chicago), then we'll be all set!
After our meeting, I'll follow up with you via e-mail to outline what we discussed and reiterate the specific plan of action. 
We'll then schedule our second follow-up session. 
After our second session, I will be following up with you to see how you are doing, and discuss if any additional coaching is desired. 
What it costs:

$250  This includes both hour-long sessions. If you decide to get additional coaching, no problem! We will discuss how you'd like to move forward and adjust pricing as needed.