Think to Create or Create to Think?

Katie Gebely Studio,
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— Hope K.

The other day I was working in my studio and as I was painting beads, my mind began to wander. I thought about some upcoming projects I’d be working on, some personal things, some of my goals for the rest of the year and to-do’s for the week. For some reason, my thought process felt clearer than ever. I was able to work through my thoughts in a calm and clear way while I was painting, more so than I can when I am sitting with pen and paper, intentionally trying to make a list.

I know in today’s world, we are hardwired to multi-task, but this felt different. As I was painting, I felt at ease with my thoughts, nothing was forced. I felt freedom there, a space where letting my mind wander felt really good.

What I realized was that instead of taking time to think in order to spark creativity, the opposite was actually true. Creativity is a tool for thinking and processing (on many levels). It’s both therapeutic and productive.

These days there is so much emphasis on applying our mind and our skills to achieve a certain level of “success”. We’re supposed to have a plan and be strategic about what projects to take on, where to apply our energy and how to maneuver through life’s great expectations.

But what if, instead, we allowed creativity to take the lead? What if spending an hour playing music, drawing or knitting could heal us and move us forward and in more ways than sitting down and forcing ourselves to make a plan?

I’d encourage you, the next time you have some things to think through, instead of grappling with the plan in your head or on a piece of paper, find a way to play, to create and to do something that is NOT thinking. See how much freer and clearer you feel from that. And if you need a place to start, please enjoy a few FREE pages from my Splendid Coloring Book!

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