Project: The plan

IMG_4401So I like to tinker.  A lot.  I’m a curious soul and I want to learn and absorb and make things. Problem is, there are so many distractions and obligations that making time to sit and focus on something from start to finish can be quite difficult. It’s life and it’s happening quickly-so be it. However, I’m here to take a stand. After thinking about what I really want to learn, I have decided it's time to make things happen.  I just need to intentionally create time to focus, research and just do the things I've been talking about doing for so long.

Timing couldn’t be better.  A New Year is here.  A fresh start.  Hello 2015, I’m going to squeeze every ounce of time from you and use it wisely and richly and brace yourself.  

Here are my rules (and by rules I mean guidelines that I have created for myself to help me stay on track, buuuut if I happen to miss something I'm not going to stress about stress allowed here): Pick a project, research it, learn about it, make it and share it here.  It doesn’t have to be anything earth-shattering, just something I want to take the time to explore and learn about. Each project must be affordable and it must be something that can be done at home.

Project one is underway...stay tuned.