Project: Almond Milk

IMG_6538Making my own almond milk was so much fun! I had heard it was super easy so this weekend I gave it a try.  I've been using store bought soy milk and almond milk for a while now, but lately I've been very turned off by the consistency of them. They seem so processed and strangely thick and goopy. So it was time for me to see just how easy this could be! Well, let me tell you...this is my new favorite thing to make! The milk comes out thick and creamy and so delicious! Here's the down low (full recipe below)...I soaked almonds for about 8 hours, rinsed them, added fresh water, blended, added a vanilla bean and a touch of maple syrup, blended, then strained the liquid through cheese cloth to separate the almond meal from the milk. That was it! I read several variations, some suggested using dates or agave syrup as a sweetener, but maple syrup is what we had on hand so that's what I used. The only thing I would do different is use just the seeds of the vanilla bean or vanilla extract rather than an entire bean. I found that the taste of a whole vanilla bean was a little too powerful for the delicate flavor of the almond milk. Oh, and I definitely will be investing in a nut bag to make straining a lot easier next time!IMG_6483IMG_6491IMG_6506_2almondpourIMG_6526_2IMG_6532_2

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