Getting started is the hardest part

2014-11-29 14.39.25Ok, so I've spent about 3 months planning this website in my head.  But each time I pulled out my computer and got ready to start, I froze.  I lost it all.  I lost my confidence, my motivation, my vision and my voice. Despite my notes and my lists, I just couldn't get started.  It's easy to dream, but harder to do.  So...with a deep breath, three cups of tea and an extra boost of Christmas spirit, I declare its GO time! This blog is here to speak about how one can live simply and brilliantly at the same time.  In all my 30 something years of living, its only been in the last few years that I've realized that less really is more.  I've found that the more things I have, the more I have scheduled and the more "noise" around me, the more numb I become.  I go on autopilot and just react rather than live.  I lose myself in the societal pressures around me and become seriously frustrated and unhappy.

With a recent move from our life in Chicago to the quiet hills of Northern California, I have begun to truly embrace the idea of living a simple, brilliant life.  Living in a way that I can learn about things and really breathe in the days and enjoy a saturated life.  I am now filling my days with learning to sew, to garden, to cook new foods and create new artwork.  I've been able to enjoy nature and listen to its calm whispers. I've even expanded my knowledge of wine thanks to our close proximity to Sonoma and Napa.

I plan to document these new ventures and projects, share what I'm learning and create a platform for my artwork. I hope to meet new people along the way and learn from them too! 

So cheers to a new year, a new life and handfuls of memories and happy things along the way!