Project: Wedding Album

IMG_6559So the last 10 months have been huge for us.  We tied the knot, honeymooned in Indonesia, said a sad goodbye to Chicago, a happy hello to California and started a new life out West. There's been a lot happening for sure.  But I wanted to make sure that amongst all these adventures, our wedding memories were kept somewhere special so we could look back and remember those happy wedding moments anytime.  Thanks to our awesome photographer, Lauren Rosenau, we have plenty of amazing photographs. We also got so many cute cards, drawings and knick-knack that we wanted to save. I had discovered Project Life a few months ago and though I'm not much of a scrapbooker (messy art journaling is more my thang), I was really excited about the clean, crips options for organizing our photos and cards.  Project Life has these 12 x 12 inch photo pocket pages that come in all different sizes and templates which made our wedding album fun and a little more personalized.  I also received one of their binders for a gift, which worked out perfectly. I love the bright color and durability!

I ordered prints from Print Studio which is my favorite photo printer at the moment because their prints are soooo luscious.  Thick paper, matte finish, white border, great quality...need I say more?!  Then I gathered many of the cards we received, our wedding vow notebook, invitations, programs, and little drawings and I went to town.  I filled the photo pockets and used some of projects life's colorful card stock as background fillers.  I also did a bit of collage work with some of the larger cards and notes.

I absolutely love how it turned out.  We page through it often and are so in love with that day and all the memories that were captured.   IMG_6580IMG_6563IMG_6569 IMG_6570 IMG_6565_2IMG_6572IMG_6575 IMG_6574 IMG_6573