Brain Dump-My Morning Ritual

braindump013115You know that feeling you get when new ideas, to-do lists and random thoughts are all jumbled up in your head at one time causing you to jitter a bit?  When you know you have a few nuggets of brilliance in there amongst all the other mundane information but you just can seem to get it out?  Well, my friend, when this happens its time for a brain dump.   I dump my brain every morning before I get going.  Its a simple exercise that helps me free my mind and clear out the cobwebs so I can stay focused on what really needs to get done for the day.  I grab a cup of tea and my pad of paper and I jot down everything that is in my head, big or small, important or not, no mater how random it is; I just need get it out of there. Once I've made my dump, I can pick out what is important for the day and add it to my daily to-do list. Sometimes nothing that I dump is relevant to the day and that's fine too. It's just a matter of getting everything out and putting the important stuff back in.  It makes me feel so much lighter and looser and prepared for the day when I can start with an uncluttered mind.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, just grab some paper and get writing, make space for a focused and productive day!