Bodacious Baby Steps

2015-02-11 13.32.32 You know when you want to do something great?  Or when you have an idea or a goal or even a teeny tiny speck of a thing that you think you might want to go after?  Or even when you don't want to do something great, you just want to get up the damn stairs?  Well, my friends, its time to talk about baby steps.  These powerful little vertical blocks of mass that literally get you closer to something are so helpful and should not be overlooked.  Baby steps break down the things we want into small chunks so we can actually think clearly and make it happen.  They create power and energy and focus.  Why? Because they allow us to accomplish a little bit along the way which provides a nice little mental boost throughout the process.

When training for a race or getting back in shape, we all know that starting slow is the best way to get going.  Trying to push too hard leaves us frustrated, out of breath and not too excited about the next session.

When I started this website, there were many, many things that had to happen before it could exist in cyber space.  Many things that I didn't have any idea how to do.  I needed to pick a domain, register it, find a theme, learn wordpress, learn the basics of photoshop, set up a photography space in our house, re-learn my DSLR camera, yada, yada.  Basically there was a lot and it was so easy to get overwhelmed. But I tried to focus on one thing each week rather than learning everything at once.  It took some time, but my sanity and confidence were thankful for the steady pace.  It's certainly an ongoing process, but I feel like I've got a good start and that's all I get started.

By breaking down our goals into itty bitty actionable steps we can stay the course and get after our goals. Keep this in mind next time you feel overwhelmed, tired, or intimidated about something you want to accomplish. Just keep moving.  Bodacious baby steps may be small, but they are mighty!